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Vol 5, No 1(Winter) (2015)

International Journal of Medical Toxicology and Forensic Medicine

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Table of Contents

Original Article

A Survey on Zinc Status among Chronic Allergic Asthma and in Atopic Phenotype PDF XML
Kh Agin 1-7
Sudden Unexpected Natural Death in the Youth; an Iranian Single Center Investigation PDF XML
AF Fayaz, A Goudarzi, F Taghaddosinejad, B Behnoush 8-11
Assessment of Antisocial Behaviour in the Juveniles PDF XML
D Rudrappa, A Saraf, D G Kishor-Kumar, Jagdeesh Dr, PR Anand, MP Kumar, P Sampath-Kumar, S Tareeb 12-6
Electrical Burn Patients According to Electrical Voltage in Shahid Motahari Burn Center PDF XML
K Aghakhani, M Heidari, A Okazi, V Yousefinejad, L Abdolkarimi 17-21

Review Article

Indoor Air Pollution in Exercise Centers PDF XML
M Hajian, Sh Mohaghegh 22-31

Case Report

Papillary Muscles Rupture as Delayed Sequelae of Trauma PDF XML
R Umesh-Babu, N Gayathri-Bachenahatti 32-35
Accidental Decapitation; a Case Report PDF XML
R Umesh-Babu, J Kiran 36-36

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