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Vol 7, No 1(Winter) (2017)

International Journal of Medical Toxicology and Forensic Medicine

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Table of Contents


A Review of Applicability of Banning (Hajre) in Jurisprudence from the Perspective of Forensic Medicine PDF XML
F Najari, M Ghadi Pasha, MA Emam Hadi 1-5

Original Article

Pattern of Deliberate Self-Poisoning in Gorgan, North of Iran PDF XML
M Shokrzadeh, R Hoseinpoor, A Hajimohammadi, A Delaram, M Pahlavani, M Rezaei, Y Shayeste 6-18
Status of Total Antioxidant Capacity and Malondialdehyde Level in Methamphetamine Addicts: A Cross Sectional Study PDF XML
S Shadnia, N Gorgzadeh, K Soltaninejad, M Abdollahi, SA Motevalian 19-25
Study on the Relationship between Fingerprint Pattern and Intellectual Performance PDF XML
K R Siddapur 26-31
Epidemiological Profile of Complete Suicidal Poisoning Cases Autopsied at Autopsy Centre, RIMS, Ranchi PDF XML
B Singh, K Kishore, A K Chaudhary 32-42
Effectiveness of Self-Talk Technique and Positive Empathy on Deficient Attitudes, Hopelessness, and Suicidal Thoughts in Women with Breast Cancer PDF XML
A Babakhanloo, M Jalilvand, B Shoghi 43-53
Epidemiology of Poisoning in Northeast of Iran (2004-2013) PDF XML
M Khadem Rezaiyan, R Afshari 54-58

Case Report

Role of Diatoms in Diagnosis of Death Due to Drowning: Case Studies PDF XML
N Kaushik, S K Pal, A Sharma, G Thakur 59-65
Mesiodens: an Identification Aid in Skeletal Remains Examination: a Case Report PDF XML
M Kiran, M Shetty, Sh Manipady 66-68
A Rare Fatal Head Injury and Crush Injury to Leg by an Improperly Assembled Chaff Cutter – a farm Machinery-Related Injury in North-West India: a Case Report PDF XML
D Vaishnav, KR Senthil, D Singh 69-72
Minor Fall Leading to Fatal Rupture of Solitary Giant Sub-Capsular Cavernous Haemangioma of Liver: a Case Report PDF XML
A Menon P, A Balachandran 73-76
Rupture of Heart in a Cannabis Addict: an Autopsy Case Report PDF XML
S Vidhate, H Pathak, R Kamble 77-80

Letter to the Editor

Comment on Assessment of Aspiration-Induced lung Injuries among Acute Drug Poisoning Patients; Loghman Hakim Hospital, Poisoning center PDF XML
Raghuraman M.S. 81-82

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