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Hunting Meth Mites by a Cigarette Fire: A Case Study

Mohammad Moshiri, Parastoo Rahimi, Leila Etemad




Background: Meth mites is a false sense annoys methamphetamine abusers forces them to self-harm by picking the skin, scratching it.
Case Presentation: We reported the photos showed a regular small round skin injuries on the forearms of a middle-age multi-drug abuser man. He explained about his injuries: "I was hunting annoying ants by cigarette fire, however they were fire-resistant and skipped". He had isolated tactile hallucination without visual part. He explained that every time he abuses methamphetamine (Shisheh in Iran) the ants attack him and bite him.
Conclusion: Drug induced formication could be a very dangerous hallucination that forces the patient to self-harm to get rid of it, especially in multidrug abusers.


Methamphetamine, Obsessive Behavior, Tactile Hallucination, Self-harm


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DOI: https://doi.org/10.32598/ijmtfm.v10i1.25478