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Multiple Pulmonary Calssified Nodules and Cavitation Filled With the Dense Body on Chest X-Ray: A Case Report

Khosrow Agin, Marymo Sadat Moin Azad Tehrani, Bita Dadpour, Maryam Vahabzadeh, Babak Mostafazadeh




Imaging in the clinical study has a significant value in medical diagnosing and the following diseases. The characteristic signs of imaging are a clue in approach to differential diagnosis. A conventional chest x-ray radiography is a more prevalent image used in the initial clinical assessment of pulmonary diseases. Iran is one of the 9 countries with a 95% burden of tuberculosis in the Eastern Mediterranian region. Chest radiography is the initial imaging for the evaluation of pulmonary tuberculosis.


chest x-ray, CT scan, clacified pulmonary nodule, Cavitation, Aspergilloma, Mycobacterium tuberculosis


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DOI: https://doi.org/10.32598/ijmtfm.v9i4.25106