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Methanol Poisoning as a Trigger for the Presentation of Diabetes Mellitus: A Case Report

Seyed Reza Mousavi, Bita Dadpour, Mohammad Moshiri, Toktam Moghiman, Hamid Khosrojerdi, Fares Najari




Background: The clinical and laboratory manifestations of methanol poisoning and Diabetic Ketoacidosis (DKA) might be very similar.
Case Presentation: A 15-year-old male, who lived in Mashhad, Iran, was referred to a medical toxicology center because of the loss of consciousness following the consumption of home-made alcohol. Laboratory tests revealed metabolic acidosis, the high blood levels of methanol, and ketonuria and glucosuria in urine analysis. The treatment of DKA and methanol poisoning was started simultaneously.
Conclusion: Methanol poisoning, as physical stress or because of pancreatitis as a complication, could be a trigger for diabetes in susceptible individuals, and physicians should be aware of the similarity of presentation of these situations.



Toxic alcohol, Methanol; Poisoning, Diabetic Ketoacidosis


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