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A Case of a Foreign Body Disguised as an Insect Bite: A Possible Child Abuse

Mohammad Javad Behzadnia, Fatemeh Saboori




Introduction: Sewing needle is one of the most prevalent foreign bodies reported in child abuse cases. However, foreign body presented as insect bite is extremely rare.
Case Presentation: Our case was a 20-month-old boy, admitted for his right knee swelling and discomfort on walking in the morning of admission. There was only a small red point on the medial side of his knee suggesting an insect bite. Because a metal object was found in his radiologic assessment; further investigation was done because of suspected child abuse. Eventually, a sewing needle was selectively removed in the operating room.
Conclusion: A high index of suspicion is required to distinguish such a rare case. Early diagnosis and appropriate treatment is the cornerstone of the foreign body detection in the emergency department.


Child abuse, Sewing needle, Foreign body, Knee


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