Study of Traffic Accident Cases Based on Visum et Repertum in RSUP Dr. Soeradji Tirtonegoro Klaten Hospital During 2014-2016

Patria Putrapratama, Idha Arfianti Wiraagni, Martiana Suciningtyas Tri Artanti



Background: Traffic accident is an unpredictable event which may harm people and damage properties and environment. In recent years, the number of traffic accidents has increased in Indonesia.
Methods: This study is an observational and descriptive study with cross-sectional design. This research was conducted by observing the data based on Visum et Repertum.
Results: Men are more involved in both cases, i.e. 65.1% in live cases and 73.9% in death cases. In live cases the most frequent age range belonged to 41-60 years, while in death cases, the dominant age range was between 22 and 40 years. Head injury had the highest reported injury in live cases (60.5%) and death cases (82.6%). In live cases, the highest number of victims were worker/maid (34.9%), while in death cases they were mostly private employees. The most frequent time of the accident in live cases was between 12.01 and 1800 WIB (Western Indonesian Time) and death cases between 18.01 and 24.00 WIB.
Conclusion: Most traffic accident victims in both cases were male. Victims’ age of live cases was mostly in the range of 41-60 years, while in death case was 22-40 years. Head injury was the most common injury in both cases. Most victims in live cases were worker/maid and private employees in death cases. Traffic accident often occurred between 12.01 and 18.00 WIB in live cases and between 18.01 and 24.00 WIB in death cases.



Traffic accident, Visum et repertum, Klaten District

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