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Investigating the Underlying Psychiatric Disorders Leading to Suicide among Patients Hospitalized in Poisoning Center in Emam Reza Educational, Research and Treatment Center in Mashhad, 2015

F Najari, M Talebi, SR Mousavi, A Alizadeh Qmsary




Background: One of the most common causes of mortality in countries are drug induced suicide, the identification of underlying risk factors of which can play an important role in reducing its incidence as well as providing practical solutions.

Methods: All poisoned patients referred to poisoning treatment center in Imam Reza hospital (MUMS) were studied in a descriptive cross-sectional study in 2015 and based on selection criteria and using a researcher- developed questionnaire. Moreover, results were analyzed using SPSS21 and Exactly Fisher test.

Results: Among a total of 824 patients half of whom were men and the other half were women and with an average age of 27 years for men and 20 years for women, the most common underlying psychological factors in patients were holding under diploma, diploma, and above, impaired communication skills, depression, and Type B personality. Moreover, the most important types of impaired communication skills were poor stress and problem-solving management. Also, the drug-stimulant use was somehow associated with the same impaired inter-personal communications.

Conclusion: Before providing the necessary and sufficient training to children who inevitably need time, chronological age, bitter and sweet experiences in their lives, it is essential to avoid entrusting heavy responsibilities on them.


Depression, Personality, Suicide, Poisoning


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DOI: https://doi.org/10.22037/ijmtfm.v7i2(Spring).14822