Vol 2, No 1 (2007)

Iranian Journal of Child Neurology

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Table of Contents

Review Article

HLA Profile and Clinical Presentation of Multiple Sclerosis in Iran PDF XML
H. Kalanie, G.R. Shamsai 7-11

Research Article

Migraine in Iranian Children; Which Criteria Are the Best Diagnostic Criteria? PDF XML
A. Chitsaz, A. Ghorbani 13-18
Status Epilepticus: Etiology, Outcome and Predictors of Mortality PDF XML
A. Moayedi, A. Atashabparvar, E. Eftekhari 19-23
Treatment of Migraine: How Effective Is Biofeedback Assisted Relaxation Training? PDF XML
M. Janbozorgi, S. Rajezi, S. Sadr 25-29
Febrile Seizure and Anemia PDF XML
A. Talebian, N. Momtazmanesh 31-33
Epilepsy in Children with Cerebral Palsy PDF XML
S. Pour Ahmadi, M. Jafarzadeh, M. Abbas, J. Akhondian 35-40
Point Mutations on Mitochondrial DNA in Iranian Patients with Friedreich’s Ataxia PDF XML
S. Etemad Ahari, M. Houshmand, S. Kasraie, M. Moin, M.A. Bahar, M. Shafa Shariat Panahi, G. Ahangari 41-45

Case Report

Mirror Movement: A Case Report PDF XML
AA. Momen, RA. Malamiri 47-49
Facial Palsy as First Presentation of Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia: A Case Report PDF XML
S. Inaloo, M. Karimi 51-53