Vol 3, No 2 (2009)

Iranian Journal of Child Neurology

Issue XML

Table of Contents

Review Article

Epilepsy Surgery in Children PDF XML
M. Faraji, F. Ashrafzadeh, S. Faraji rad 7-14

Research Article

Comparative Effects of Diazepam Infusion and Divided Doses of Diazepam on the Treatment of Absence Status Epilepticus PDF XML
P. Karimzadeh, L. Afshar khas, A. Mosavat 15-19
Aseptic Meningitis in Pediatrics: Epidemiologic Evaluation and Cerebrospinal Fluid Changes PDF XML
B. Hatamian, A. Fahimzad 21-24
Muscle Tonicity of Children with Spastic Cerebral Palsy: How Effective Is Swedish Massage? PDF XML
V. Alizad, F. Sajedi, R. Vameghi 25-29
Simple Febrile Seizure: The Role of Serum Sodium Levels in Prediction of Seizure Recurrence during the First 24 Hours PDF XML
F. Heydarian, F. Ashrafzadeh, S. Kam 31-34
Effect of Lamotrigine on Prophylaxis of Pediatric Classic Migraine PDF XML
M.G.R. Mirzaei, M. Azimian, M. Moezzi, R. Vameghi, M. Rafieian-kopaei 35-38
Vincristine Induced Neurotoxicity: Study of 75 Cases PDF XML
M.T. Arzanian, M. Mehdizadeh, G.R. Zamani 39-44

Case Report

Primary Central Nervous System Lymphoma PDF XML
S.S. Anvari, P. Karimzadeh, S.H. Tonekaboni, F. Mahvelati, A.R. Khatami, A. Gharib, Sh. Nazari, M. Farzan, M. Ghofrani 45-50