Vol 3, No 1 (2009)

Iranian Journal of Child Neurology

Issue XML

Table of Contents

Review Article

Childhood Guillain-Barre Syndrome PDF XML
M. Barzegar 7-14

Research Article

Intractable Seizure Disorders: Efficacy of The Classic Ketogenic Diet PDF XML
P. Karimzadeh, S. Tabarestani, F. Mahvelati, S.H. Tonekaboni, M. Ghofrani 15-20
Midazolam Efficacy and Side Effects in Generalized and Partial Refractory Status Epilepticus in Children PDF XML
M.R. Salehi Omran, M.R. Edraki 21-25
The Farsi Version of the Strength and Difficulties Questionnaire Self Report Form: The Normative Data and Scale Properties PDF XML
A. Alavi, M.R. Mohammadi, J. Mahmoudi, M. Tehranidoost, Z. Shahrivar, S. Saadat 27-34
Neurological and Other Manifestations of Wilson Disease; 1998-2005 PDF XML
A. Fallah 35-41
Effect of Sensory Integration Therapy on Gross Motor Function in Children with Cerebral Palsy PDF XML
A.R. Shamsoddini, M.T. Hollisaz 43-48
Evaluation of the Results of Cervical Spine & Spinal Cord Trauma in Children PDF XML
G.R. Bahadorkhan, F. Samini, M.R. Ehsaei 49-56

Case Report

Moyamoya Induced Acute Paraplegia in A Child with Epilepsy PDF XML
MM. Taghdiri, H. Bigdeli, M. Khorsand, M. Jabary 57-60
Cerebritis and Neutropenia in A Child with ana Negative Lupus PDF XML
J. Akhoondian, Z. Rezaii yazdi, F. Behmanesh, S. Talebi 61-66
Disproportionate Correlation between Imaging and Outcome in an Infant with Cerebral Abscess PDF XML
SM. Tabatabaeifar, A. Seddighi, AS. Seddighi 67-70