Angelman Syndrome: A Case Report




How to Cite This Article: Ashrafzadeh F, Sadrnabavi A, Akhondian J, Beiraghi Toosi M, Mohammadi MH, Hassanpour K. Angelman Syndrome: A Case Report. Iran J Child Neurol. Spring 2016; 10(2):86-89.



Angelman syndrome (AS) is a neurodevelopmental disorder presented by jerky movement, speech delay and cognitive disability epilepsy as well as dysmorphic features. It occurs due to an expression deletion in 15q11-q13 chromosome. In this article, we present an eight yr boy referred to Pediatrics Neurologic Clinic Mashhad, Iran for speech delay. He had abnormal behavior ataxia unusual laughing facial expression intellectual disability and mandibular prognathism.

Metabolic screening tests and brain MRI were normal. Genetic analysis was pathognomonic for AS.



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Angelman syndrome; Child; Developmental delay; Iran

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