Magnetic Resonance Imaging of Brain in Evaluation of Floppy Children: A Case Series

Shantiranjan SANYAL, Sharmila DURAISAMY, Umesh Chandra GARGA



How to Cite This Article: Sanyal Sh, Duraisamy Sh, Garga ChU. MRI Brain in Evaluation of Floppy Children: A Case Series. Iran J Child Neurol. Autumn 2015; 9(4): 65-74.



Hypotonia is a common clinical entity well recognized in pediatric age group, which demands experienced clinical assessment and an extensive array of investigations to establish the underlying disease process. Neuroimaging comes as great help in diagnosing the disease process in rare cases of central hypotonia due to structural malformations of brain and metabolic disorders and should always be included as an important investigation in the assessment of a floppy child. In this article, we discuss the MRI features of eight cases of central and two cases of combined hypotonia and the importance of neuroimaging in understanding the underlying disease in a hypotonic child.


Central hypotonia; Floppy child; MRI

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