A Case-Control Study of the Association Between Serum Copper Level and Febrile Seizures in Children




How to Cite this Article: Mahyar A, Ayazi P, Dalirani R, Bakhtiyari H, Daneshi Khohan MM, Javadi A. A Case-Control Study of the Association Between SerumCopper Level and Febrile Seizures in Children. Iranian Journal of Child Neurology 2012;6(1):23-28.


Febrile seizures are the most common cause of seizure in children. Identification of risk factors is very important. This study was conducted to determine the association between the serum copper level and simple febrile seizure in children.

Materials & Methods

In this study, 30 children with simple febrile seizures (case group) were compared with 30 children with febrile illness without seizures (control group) regarding serum copper level. This study was conducted in Qazvin children’s hospital (Qazvin, Iran).


The mean serum copper levels in the case and control groups were 141.41±30.90 and 129.43±18.97 mcg/dl, respectively. This difference was not significant statistically.


This study revealed that there is no association between serum copper levels and febrile seizures. It seems that copper deficiency is not a risk factor for febrile seizures in children.


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Febrile seizures; Copper; Children

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