Incidence and etiology of stroke among hospitalized children, a case-series study

Zarin Keihani doust, Fatemeh Noori Sari, Mamak Shariat, Parvin Akbari Asbagh, Zahra Farahani, Fatemeh Tehrani



Objectives: Stroke is a sudden blockage or rupture of brain vessels resulting neural defect or impairment. This study aimed to investigate the incidence and causes of stroke in hospitalized children (Tehran-Iran, 2008-13). Methods: One month to 15 years old admitted children due to stroke entered this case series study. Diagnosis was confirmed with brain imaging. Participants' demographic data, potential risk factors and neuroimaging findings were obtained from Hospital Reporting System. Recorded data were studied and considered regarding to the incidence of stroke and its causes. Indeed we investigated cardiological causes as well as different items related hematological disorders. Results: Of 20000 admitted subjects in Imam Hospital during 5 years, stroke was diagnosed in 15 cases. The incidence among the population study was 0.75 per 100000 children. Stroke was more frequent in males than female ( ). The most common age of stroke was 4-6 years and mean age of stroke was 58.8 months equal to 4.9 years. The most frequent stroke was hemorrhagic stroke (26%), followed by vascular (20%) and coagulopathy disorders (20%). Conclusion: The incidence of stroke in children was 0.75 per 100000. Hemorrhagic stroke due to major trauma, coagulopathy and vasculopathy were observed as most frequent causes that necessitate implementing some strategies for prevention, earlier diagnosis and treatment.

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