Enterobacter Meningitis Due To Dermoid Cyst Manipulation: A Case Report

Sedigheh Rafiei Tabatabei, Roxana Azma, Manigeh Kahbazi, Abdonaser Farzan, Kimia Seifi, Negin Nahanmoghaddam Nahanmoghaddam



Gram-negative meningitis has been reported owing to dura-arachnoid barrier disruption. It can be occurred because of trauma, surgery and rarely infected dermoid cyst.

In the 1940, for the first time, the association of neurosurgical procedures and meningitis due to gram-negative bacillary was described.

Enterobacter is a serious infection with difficult treatment secondary to inability of many antibiotics to reach to adequate concentration in cerebrospinal fluid.

Here in, we report a case of pediatric Enterobactermeningitis in a patient with manipulated dermoid cyst.She was cured with antibiotic therapy and surgery.


Meningitis, Enterobacter: Antibacterial agents: Dermoid cyst

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.22037/ijcn.v12i4.16190


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