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Comparison of Cleaning Efficacy and Instrumentation Time in Primary Molars: Mtwo Rotary Instruments vs. Hand K-Files

Fatemeh Ramezanali, Farzaneh Afkhami, Ali Soleimani, Mohammad Javad Kharrazifard, Farshid Rafiee




Introduction: Pulpectomy is the preferred treatment for restorable primary teeth with symptomatic irreversible pulpitis or periradicular lesion. Considering the rather new application of rotary files for pulpectomy of primary teeth, the aim of this study was to compare the cleaning efficacy and instrumentation time of hand K-files and Mtwo rotary system for preparation of human primary molars. Methods and Materials: This experimental study was conducted on 100 extracted primary maxillary and mandibular intact molars with no resorption. Access cavities were prepared and India ink was injected into the root canal on a vibrator using an insulin syringe. Canals were then divided into 5 groups (n=20): in group I, canals were instrumented using K-files up to #25 for mesial and buccal canals and #30 for palatal and distal canals. In group II, canals were prepared using Mtwo rotary files (15/0.05, 20/0.06 and 25/0.06 for mesial and buccal canals and 15/0.05, 20/0.06, 25/0.06 and finally 30/0.05 for distal and palatal canals). In group III, root canals were only irrigated with saline. Groups IV and V were the positive and negative control groups, respectively. The time required for cleaning and preparation of the canals for each of the specimens in groups I, II and III was recorded. Results: The mean score of cleanliness of Mtwo was not significantly different from K-file group (P>0.05). However the mean instrumentation time in Mtwo group was significantly shorter (P<0.001). Conclusion: Although there were no differences regarding the cleaning efficacy of either system, Mtwo rotary files were far more time efficient.

Keywords: Deciduous Tooth; Hand K-files; Mtwo; Primary Molars; Pulpectomy; Root Canal Preparation; Root Canal Therapy

DOI: https://doi.org/10.22037/iej.v10i4.8305


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