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The Importance of Long Time Follow-Up after Vital Pulp Therapy: A Case Report

Parviz Amini, Masoud Parirokh




This report describes a case of an eight years old girl who was treated for complicated crown fracture of right maxillary central incisor because of a sport accident. For the tooth total pulpotomy was performed in order to achieve apexogenesis and the tooth was restored with a composite resin. The patient was reviewed over 10 years. At first the tooth showed continued root development and complete apex formation following vital pulp therapy, however, after 10 years the tooth developed pulp necrosis and periapical radiolucency. Following root canal therapy, periapical radiolucency has been healed.


Calcium Hydroxide; Follow-Up; Open Apex; Vital Pulp Therapy

DOI: https://doi.org/10.22037/iej.v3i3.788


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