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Component Analysis of Four Commercial Brands of Gutta-Percha

Naghmeh Aminzadeh, Shahram Azimi, Moslem Hagh Shenas




INTRODUCTION: Gutta-Percha, the concrete milky juice of the Sapotaceae family tree, is the most commonly used material for obturation of prepared canal space. Natural 1-4 trans stereochemical structure of Gutta-Percha is taken to a heating- inclusion process of various organic and inorganic elements by manufacturers. The purpose of this study is to detect the presence and percentage of inorganic filler elements and organic phase of various commercial brands and if the locally manufactured brand confonns to standard range of components. MATERIALS AND METHODS: Sample cones, size # 35, from Roeko, Hygienic, DiaDent and AriaDent brands were randomly selected. After burning out in the furnace, organic and inorganic phase percentage and presence of trace elements in each sample were detected and recorded using apparatuses such as SEM, XRF, TGA, IR, NMR, and Ion Chromatography.

RESULTS: With slight differences in polymer / filler ratio, 78% ± 2% for organic phase, no significant difference was recorded among these brands. SEM analysis detected Zinc, Barium, and Sulfur in Hygienic, DiaDent, and AriaDent in descending order; in the last two Silicones was also traced, while Zinc was the only element to be identified in Roeko. CONCLUSION: No significant chemical and structural differences among four commercial brands were detected.


Components; Gutta-Percha Analysis

DOI: https://doi.org/10.22037/iej.v1i2.410


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