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Finite Element Evaluation of Stress Distribution in Mature and Immature Teeth

Ali Talati, Reza Disfani, Maryam Javidi, Ashkan Afshar, Akbar Fallah Rastegar




INTRODUCTION: Traumatic injuries may affect the vitality and development of tooth. So divergence or parallelism of canal walls induces an open apex which is very susceptible to fracture. The aim of this study was to determine the stress distribution pattern in immature teeth and compare it with mature teeth. MATERIALS AND METHODS: In order to analyze stress distribution using finite element method, models were first designed according to actual samples by "ANSYS" software. Two models of the maxillary central incisors were designed, one mature and one with open apex. Mature tooth was designed as having undergone root canal therapy with gutta-percha and the immature one with both MTA plug and gutta-percha. Samples were loaded in seven stages and then, the stress distribution in each model was measured, using the "ANSYS" software. RESULTS: During gutta-percha condensation, the immature tooth transfers the stress directly to the external root surface where force is directly applied, whereas during masticatory occlusal forces, the stress is transferred to middle third of buccal and lingual surfaces and to buccal cervix in lunar shape. During traumatic forces, stress concentration was on the cervical region of buccal surface and middle third of buccal and lingual surfaces. MTA plug prevents stress distribution toward apical region and forces concentrate in dentin at the point where stress terminates. CONCLUSION: Within the limitations of this simulated mechanical analysis, it was confirmed that the pattern of stress distribution in mature and immature teeth is different. Cervical area of the buccal surface in immature teeth is one of the stress concentration areas, which contribute to the high rate of fracture in this area.


Finite Element; Immature Apex; Traumatic Injury

DOI: https://doi.org/10.22037/iej.v2i2.329


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