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Clinical Management of Dens Invaginatus Type 3: A Case Report

Elham Shadmehr, Ali Reza Farhad




ABSTRACT: Dens invagination (DI) is a developmental abnormality of teeth which frequently results in a complex internal anatomy of the root canal system. DI type 3 is an anomaly characterized by infolding of enamel and dentin extending into the root apex. This may present difficulties when forming a diagnosis and treatment plan. Many treatment modalities have been presented in case reports for DI type 3, but there is insufficient evidence to recommend a therapy. This case report presents the successful non surgical root canal treatment of a maxillary canine with an open apex DI type 3, necrotic pulp, and an associated large periradicular lesion.


Canine teeth, Dens in dente, Invagination.

DOI: https://doi.org/10.22037/iej.v6i3.2254


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