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Endodontic Treatment of a Tooth with Traumatic Fracture of Root Middle Third

Azar Heydari, Nahid Askarizadeh, Yasaman Rezvani, Firouzeh Efafi, Leila Eftekhar




Root fracture occurs in 0.5 to 7% of all dental injuries. Subsequent to this injury, the coronal segment is displaced, while the apical segment is rarely displaced. Emergency treatment involves repositioning of the coronal segment close to the radicular segment as much as possible to enhance the chance of pulp revascularization. If pulp necrosis occurs, the infective products cause an inflammatory response and radiolucency is seen at the fracture line. In the present case, the patient had two maxillary central incisors with horizontal middle third root fractures due to a traumatic accident four years earlier. The right central incisor showed an endodontic abscess due to pulp infection in the coronal segment. The coronal fragment was treated. In this case study all signs and symptoms resolved after treatment and three year follow-up showed a successful treatment outcome. The left central incisor had a vital pulp according to vitality tests, so “observation only” strategy was considered for this tooth.

Keywords: Dental Pulp; Endodontic; Mineral Trioxide Aggregate; Tooth Fracture; Trauma

DOI: https://doi.org/10.22037/iej.v14i1.22507


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