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An Interdisciplinary Approach for Management of an Extensive Carious Premolar

Wong Lishen, Tew In Meei, Alizae Marny Mohamed, Dalia Abdullah




The principle of ferrule effect is of prime importance when restoring an endodontically treated tooth. A severely broken down tooth due to subgingival caries almost always end up with extraction as inadequate ferrule effect would compromise the predictability of restorative treatment. This clinical case report describes a treatment approach that combines non-surgical endodontic treatment, orthodontic extrusion and prosthetic rehabilitation to restore the function and aesthetic aspect of an extensively carious premolar with compromised prognosis. One year follow-up indicated stable periodontal health with evidence of periapical healing radiographically.

Keywords: Interdisciplinary Treatment; Orthodontic Extrusion; Root Canal Treatment

DOI: https://doi.org/10.22037/iej.v13i3.20871


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