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The Effect of BC Sealer, AH-Plus and Dorifill on Push-out Bond Strength of Fiber Post

Fatemeh Dibaji, Elaheh Mohammadi, Farzaneh Farid, Fatemeh Mohammadian, Pegah Sarraf, Mohammad Javad Kharrazifard




Introduction: Dentinal canal walls are in direct contact with endodontic sealers prior to post space preparation and luting cements after post space preparation. This direct contact may affect the bond strength of intraradicular posts to root dentin. This study aimed to assess the effect of three different sealers on the bond strength of fiber posts to root dentin. Methods and Materials: The canals of 56 extracted single-rooted human premolars after selection and decoronation were prepared. For obturation of the canals, specimens were randomly divided into four groups (n=14) according to the type of sealer used in conjunction with gutta-percha: group 1 (control) without any sealer; group 2 with AH-Plus sealer (resin based); group 3 with Dorifill sealer (ZOE-based); and group 4 with BC Sealer (calcium silicate-based). Nine mm-deep post space was prepared in the canal of each specimen. Intraradicular fiber posts were cemented using dual-cure resin cement (Panavia F2.0). Sections of 1 mm thickness were made at the coronal, middle and apical thirds of the post space of each specimen. The push-out bond strength of post to root dentin was measured in a universal testing machine. The data were analyzed using one-way ANOVA and post-hoc Tukey’s test. Results: The mean push-out bond strength in the coronal third was significantly lower in Dorifill group compared to AH-Plus (P=0.004). This value was significantly lower in BC Sealer group than AH-Plus (P=0.000) and control group (P=0.03). In middle and apical thirds, the mean push-out bond strength was not significantly different among the four groups (P=0.407, P=0.065, respectively). The mean push-out bond strength was significantly lower in apical than coronal third in AH-Plus group (P=0.001). Conclusion: Application of BC Sealer and Dorifill decreased the mean push-out bond strength of intracanal post to root dentin in the coronal third in comparison to AH-Plus.

Keywords: Bond Strength; Endodontic Sealer; Fiber Post; Resin Cement

DOI: https://doi.org/10.22037/iej.v12i4.15863


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