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Autogenous transplantation of mandibular third molar to replace tooth with vertical root fracture

Saeed Asgary




Autogenous tooth transplantation (ATT) can be considered when there is a hopeless molar tooth and suitable donor present. This report presents an unconventional case of successful ATT of a third molar replacing the adjacent fractured second molar in a 33 year old woman. This wisdom tooth had completely developed roots. Root-end filling with Calcium Enriched Mixture (CEM) cement was performed in the third molar. The second molar was extracted non-traumatically without any bone removal; the wisdom tooth was immediately transplanted into the recipient socket. No endodontic treatment was carried out either during or after the ATT. At six-month and 2-year clinical examination the patient was asymptomatic; the transplanted tooth was still functional, with no evidence of marginal periodontal pathosis. At the same follow ups, radiographic evaluation illustrated bone regeneration, normal PDL, and absence of external root resorption. Transplantation of mature third molar seems to be a promising method for replacing a lost permanent molar tooth and restoring aesthetics and function.


Autogenous tooth transplantation, Autotransplantation, CEM cement, New material, NEC, Third molar

DOI: https://doi.org/10.22037/iej.v4i3.1421


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