Results of liver transplantation with donors older than 80 Years: A case - control study.

Francisco Javier Leon Diaz, Jose luis Fernandez Aguilar, Belinda Sanchez Perez, Custodia Montiel Casado, Jose Manuel Aranda Narvaez, Jose Antonio Perez Daga, Miguel Angel Suarez Munoz, Julio Santoyo Santoyo



Aim: The inclusion of elderly donors can increase the pool of organs available for transplant.

Background: To compare clinical outcomes and survival rates in patients who received livers from donors aged ? 80 years vs. younger donors.

Methods: We considered all liver transplantations performed in our unit between January 2006 and January 2015. Twelve patients received liver from a cadaveric donor aged ? 80 years (study group) and their outcomes were compared with those of patients who received liver from a younger donor (control group). This study was carried out to analyze the characteristics of donors and recipients, as well as the clinical course and survival of recipients.

Results: Statistically significant differences were observed in donors' age (55.6 ± 14.4 vs. 82.7 ± 2.7 years, p < 0.001), donors' ICU stay (p = 0.008), donors' ALT levels (p = 0.009) and donors' AST levels (p = 0.01). Statistically significant differences were found in ischemia time (p < 0.05). In total, 8.3% of the recipients of liver from a donor aged < 80 required retransplantation vs. 25% of recipients of donor’s ? 80 years. Patient survival at one, three and five years was 89%, 78.6% and 74.5%, respectively vs. 83.4%, 79.4% and 59.6% for the study group.

Conclusion: Livers from older donors can be safely used for transplantation with acceptable patient survival rates. However, graft survival rates are lower for recipients of livers from older donors as compared to younger donors, and survival only increased with retransplantation.

Keywords: Liver transplantation, Older donors, Octogenarians


liver transplantation; older donors; octogenarians.

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