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Introducing biomarker panel in esophageal, gastric, and colon cancers;a proteomic approach

Mona Zamanian –Azodi, Mostafa Rezaei –Tavirani, Hadi Hasanzadeh, Sara RahmatiRad, Sona Dalilan, Samira Gilanchi, Haleh Manzour




Cancer has been always in a great attention in the field of molecular biology. By applying    large-scale tools such as advanced proteomics, cancer diagnosis and treatment have been improved greatly since. Cancers of esophagus, gastric, and colon accounted for major health problem globally. Biomarker panel could bring out the accuracy for cancer evaluation tests as it can suggest a group of candidate molecules specified to particular malignancy in a way that distinguishing malignant tumors from benign, differentiating from other diseases, and identifying each stages with high specificity and sensitivity. In this review, a systematic search of unique protein markers reported by several proteomic literatures are classified in their specific cancer type group as novel  panels for feasible accurate malignancy diagnosis and treatment.  About thousands of proteins were studied; however, a little number of them was belonged to a specific kind of malignancy. In conclusion, despite the fact that combinatorial biomarkers appear to be hopeful, more evaluation of them is crucial to achieve the most relevant risk markers panel to the disease to provide precise clinical test


Biomarker panel, Esophagus Cancer, Gastric Cancer, Colon Cancer, Proteomics

DOI: https://doi.org/10.22037/ghfbb.v1i1.668