Perforated jejunal diverticula- a rare cause of acute abdominal pain: a case report

Mohammad Esmail Akbari, Khashayar Atqiaee, Saran Lotfollahzadeh, Amir Naser Jadbbaeey Moghadam, Mohammad Reza Sobhiyeh



Jejunal diverticula have a prevalence of approximately 1% in the general population. Perforation of jejunal diverticulum is a rare. Clinically this diagnosis may be easily confused with other causes of an acute abdomen. In the article, we discuss a 74-year–old man with a 2-day history of constipation and left–sided abdominal pain. The day before admission he developed an abrupt exacerbation his symptoms with pain localized to periumbilical and left lower quadrant. An abdominal computed tomography scan revealed soft tissue stranding within the left upper quadrant, bilateral plural effusions , larger on the left, an opacity with the right and left pulmonary lobes and polypoid lesion with in stomach.

Physical examination revealed left upper quadrant fullness. An emergency laparotomy was carried out. This revealed multiple jejunal diverticula, one of which had perforated 40 centimeters distal to the ligament of Treitz.

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