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Survival of gastric cancer patients based on pathologic and demographic characteristics in Mazandaran between 2007 and 2013

Abolfazl Nikpour, Alireza Khalilian, Iraj Maleki, Hossein Mohsenipouya, Jamshid Yazdani Charati




Aim: Survey of the survival levels of gastric cancer and its effective causes.

Background: The survival of gastric cancer because of the advances in this type of cancer cures has been increased during the last decades.

Methods: 643 patients evolved by gastric cancer referred to Imam Khomeini hospital of Sari (2007- 2013) were studied. According to this method, the numbers of 74 patients were neglected because of defective data, and the number of 569 patients went under study. The level of survival was determined by use of Kaplan Meier, so to determine the causes affecting on the patients' survival, the univariate analysis of Log-rank test was used.

Results: Regarding the follow up of these patients during 2013 Nov-Dec the one, 2, 3, 4 and 5 years of survival of these patients were estimated equal to 0.77, 0.65, 0.52, 0.44, 0.27 percent and the survival median equal to 19 months, so survival means equal to 24.49 months. Based on the ranked logarithm test and FDR method some variables like stage (p<0.001) Radiotherapy (p<0.005) and undergo Surgery before Adjuvant chemotherapy (p<0.001) were determined as the effective factors on the survival probability.

Conclusion: The life length of the patients under this article in comparison with developed countries is shallow that might be because of late reference or delayed diagnosis and the shortness of cure facilities. In this way, some materials like soon diagnosis and screen methods could be effective on the increase in patients' survival.

Keywords: Gastric cancer, Survival analysis, Kaplan Meier estimate.

(Please cite as Nikpour A, Khalilian A, Maleki I, Mohsenipouya H, Yazdani Charati J. Survival of gastric cancer patients based on pathologic and demographic characteristics in Mazandaran between 2007 and 2013. Gastroenterol Hepatol Bed Bench 2019;12(4):315-321).


Gastric cancer, survival analysis, Kaplan Meier Estimate


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DOI: https://doi.org/10.22037/ghfbb.v12i4.1578