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Hepatitis D Virus Infection in Western Iran: Seroprevalence and Viremic Infections

Babak Sayad, Yosra Naderi, Seyed Moayed Alavian, Farid Najafi, Alireza Janbakhsh, Feyzollah Mansouri, Siavash Vaziri, Mandana Afsharian, Fatemeh Norooznezhad




Aim: This study aimed to determine the seroprevalence and viremic infection of hepatitis delta virus (HDV) in Kermanshah.
Background: Hepatitis delta is one of the most complex viral infections of liver that along with hepatitis B virus could lead to fulminant
hepatitis, progressive chronic hepatitis, cirrhosis, and hepatocellular carcinoma.
Methods: Referrals with positive HBs Ag were included and tested for HDV Ab using ELISA. Seropositives were subsequently
evaluated for viremia by assaying HDV RNA and HBV DNA using real-time PCR. Viremia-related variables were also assessed.
Results: From 1749 patients included, 30 had positive HDV Ab, which makes HDV seroprevalence 1.7%. Twenty-nine out of 30
seropositives were assayed for viremia. Fourteen cases (48.3%) had positive HDV PCR, 18 (62.1%) had positive HBV DNA. Eight
patients (27.6%) had simultaneous replication of HBV and HDV, six (20.7%) only had HDV replication, ten (34.5%) only had HBV
replication and five (17.2%) had no replication of either viruses.
Conclusion: Kermanshah seems to be a low prevalent area in Middle East. Viremic HDV infection was lower compared to Europe and
Africa, probably due to genetic variations of the hosts or the differences in genotypes or sub-types of hepatitis B and D viruses.
Keywords: Hepatitis D, Prevalence, Viremia, Iran.
(Please cite as: Sayad B, Naderi Y, Alavian SM, Najafi F, Janbakhsh A, Mansouri F, et al. Hepatitis D virus infection
in Kermanshah, west of Iran: seroprevalence and viremic infections. Gastroenterol Hepatol Bed Bench


Hepatitis D; Prevalence; Viremia; Iran


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