Factors Related to Road Traffic Accidents Leading to Injury or Death in Shahroud City

Mohammad Abbasi, Mahdi Sadeghi, Ali Akbar Azami, Seyed Mahdi Esmaeili, Jafar Kavousi, Ayob Aryafard



Background and Objectives:  Traffic accidents proposed is one of major causes of death and disability in the world. Different factors are involved in these events.This study was conducted to determine the factors affecting road traffic accidents leading to injury or death in Shahroud city in 2011.

Materials and Methods: This study was a descriptive cross-sectional study from June until December 2011.  Demographic information and factors affecting road traffic accidents consists of three parts: human, road and environment factors were collected by using a researcher made questionnaire. After confirming its validity, the questionnaire completed by emergency medical technicians and Red Crescent staff. Data were analyzed using SPSS16 and by descriptive and analytical statistics (chi-square).

Results: Of 363 cases, most accidents were man injured drivers aged 30 to 39 years (44.6%). Traffic accidents were caused 864 injuries and 48 deaths.  Fatigue and drowsiness (60.9%), illegal speed or overtaking (24.8%) and additional work with driving (19.35%) were the most human factors. Most of the accidents have occurred in roads with no shoulder (61.7%) and in 38.3% the narrow width of the road, was reported. Most of the accidents(62.6%) have occurred in clear and sunny weather.

Conclusion: According to results that showed fatigue and drowsiness are prevalent among drivers. Education about prevention measures such as adequate rest before driving and non-continuous driving over long distances, attention to physical and mental condition of drivers and on the other hand improving roads, as identifying black spots and installing warning signs at these areas and more police monitoring and control is recommend.

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Abbasi M, Sadeghi M, Azami AA, Esmaeili SM, Kavousi J, Aryafard A. Factors Related to Road Traffic Accidents Leading to Injury or Death in Shahroud City. J Saf Promot Inj Prev. 2016; 4(2): 83-90.












Road traffic accidents, Accident, Injury

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