Epidemiological Pattern of Road Traffic Injuries among Iranian Motorcyclist in 2012

Ali Khorshidi, Elaheh Ainy, Hamid Soori




Background and Objectives:Motorcyclists are one of the most vulnerable road users. This study was conducted to evaluate the epidemiological pattern of road traffic injury among Iranian motorcyclist.

Materials and Methods:In a cross-sectional study all traffic injury records which was registered by traffic police experts’ using COM 114 was studied. The questionnaire included different dimensions: human, environment and vehicle. Distribution and consequence of death and injury outcome were calculated in mentioned dimensions. The rate of death and injury in country provinces were calculated using demographic information. The correlation between outcome and related factors were calculated using the chi-square. Significant level was considered p<0.05.

Results: Generally 107,993 accidents related motorcyclist were occurred that the outcome were 2622 death and 82340 injuries. About %50 of motorcyclists were 20-29 years old.  The most common cause of accident were neglect forward, lack of yield sign, move in the opposite direction. There was significant correlation between types of outcome and age, drivers’ license and education, location (urban-rural), weather condition, type of lighting situation among motorcyclists(p<0.05). Bushehr and Tehran provinces had the highest and lowest death respectively.

Conclusion: The study showedthat the risk of death and injury was higher among no license motorcyclist, more than 44 and less than20 years old and illiteratethan other road users. Also the risk of fatal andserious injuries was more on suburban and rural roads and at sunrise and 4-6 pm.

 How to cite this article: Khorshidi A, Ainy E, Soori H. Epidemiological Pattern of Road Traffic Injuries among Iranian Motorcyclist in 2012. J Saf Promot Inj Prev. 2016; 4(1): 47-54.













Motorcyclist, road traffic injury, Iran, epidemiology

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