Estimating burden of road traffic crashes in Qazvin Province during 2011

Kumars Allahbakhshi, Ali Akbari-Sari, Nahied Jafari, Ali Ardalan, Hosein Kazemeini




Background and Objectives:The economic costs proportion due to Road Traffic crashes of Gross National Product ranged in different countries. This study conducted to estimate the burden of road traffic crashes in Qazvin Province during 2011.

Materials and Methods: To determine the costs of healthcare, medications, consumable operating room devices, and to obtain the frequency of injuries and mortality data of treatment deputy data and health deputy data of Qazvin University of Medical Sciences were used, respectively. Iran life expectancy tables were used to calculate the life years lost due to premature death. Finally, the monetary value of the lost production due to road crashes was estimated using national demographic and economic indicators of 2011.

Results: The total imposed cost was around 417 billion Rials. The costs related to the lost production following the premature death in men, the costs of lost production following the premature death in women, health care services costs, medications costs and the costs of consumable operating room devices were estimated 72%, 20%, 6%, 1% and 1% of total imposed costs, respectively.

Conclusion: The burden of road traffic injuries in Qazvin province despite its limited size, is high. Most years of life lost due to traffic accidents deaths is related to the young men. Therefore, appropriate policies in the areas of prevention, treatment and rehabilitation of traumatic injuries are necessary as provincial health priorities.

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Allahbakhshi K, Akbari-Sari A, Jafari N, Ardalan A, Kazemeini H. Estimating Burden of Road Traffic Crashes in Qazvin Province during 2011-2012.J Saf Promot Inj Prev.2016; 3(4):279-86.


Economic costs, Road traffic crashes, Years of life lost, Qazvin province

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