An Epidemiology study of road traffic accidents resulting in death: in Lorestan province in 2012

Fereshteh Davoodi, Seyed Saeed Hashemi- Nazari, Mohammad Reza Ghadirzadeh




Background and Objectives: Road traffic injuries are a major cause of death and disability globally.This study is done to investigate the epidemiology of fatal road traffic accidents in the Lorestan province in 2012 according to Legal Medicine findings.

Materials and Methods: This study was a cross-sectional. In this epidemiologic study of fatal accidents in Lorestan province، we estimated the mortality rate, standardized mortality rate, mortality rate per month, level of education, gender, age groups , marital status and number of road traffic per month. We also investigated the distribution of deaths according to different variables using data collected by the Legal Medicine Organization from fatal road accidents during April 2012 and March 2012. Data were analyzed using statistical software Stata11.

Results: The results showed that In the year 2012, 553 people have died due to traffic accidents in Lorestan province. The age-standardized incidence rate was 33.2 per 100000 people. Most victims were men (87/37%), and married people (65/94 %). The highest frequency was (13/61%) for the age group 20-25 years. Age average of the victims was 20.67 ± 36.74 years. Most victims died in place of the accident and because of brain injury.

Conclusion: According to the high incidence rate due to road traffic injury in province to it is recommended appropriate measures should be done by the related authorities.


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Davoodi F, Hashemi- Nazari SS, Ghadirzadeh MR. Epidemiology Study of Road Traffic Accidents Resulting in Death: In Lorestan Province in 2012.J Saf Promot Inj Prev.2016; 3(4):257-62.


Epidemiology, Road traffic injuries, Lorestan

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