Pathology in the Thought of Abu Mansour Heravi (Based on the book of "Al-Abniyah an Hagahyegh Aladvyeh")

Hooshang Khosrobeigi, Soghra Sadeghi



Background and Aim: "Al-Abniyah an Hagahyegh Aladvyeh" by Abu Mansour Heravi is the first book in Farsi language in the history of Iranian medicine in the Islamic era. The content of the book includes specialized terms in the branch of pharmacology. Although the work is a medical dictionary, it seems that the book could identify diseases and the structure of medical knowledge in the 10th and 11th centuries in Iran.The main problem of this study is based on this probability. The aim of this study was to determine the place of this work in the field of pathology in medical history.

Materials and Methods: This research is based on a bibliographic review of medical history studies based on qualitative and quantitative content analysis.

Ethical Considerations: Referring to texts, honesty and trust, referring to the texts used, avoiding bias in terms of texts or analyzes.

Findings: In this review, the importance of the "Al-Abniyah" Pharmacy book is shown. In this study, basic information was provided to define the Terminology of Diseases based on Heravi's thoughts.

Conclusion: According to the specialized terms identified for diseases in this book, the largest volume of terms for skin and hair diseases, intestinal diseases, sensory and motor neurological diseases, liver diseases, respiratory diseases, and diseases of women. The lowest volume is common to human and animal diseases.


Please cite this article as: Khosrobeigi H, Sadeghi S. Pathology in the Thought of Abu Mansour Heravi (Based on the book of "Al-Abniyah an Hagahyegh Aladvyeh"). Med Hist J 2018; 10(35): 95-107.


Abu Mansour Heravi; Al-Abniyah an Hagahyegh Aladvyeh; Diseases; Disease Knowledge

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