Gastric Corporal Headache Measures in Iranian Traditional Medicine and Investigating Related Evidences in Conventional Medicine

Majid Soltanpour Gharibdousti, Siamak Afshin-Majd, Ali Davati, Elham Emaratkar



Background and Aim: Headache has a high prevalence. Iranian Traditional medicine is a valuable treasure of the knowledge and experience of our country's scientists and it contains valuable solutions in the field of lifestyle modification for the treatment of diseases called science of Tadabir. The aim of the study was to identify gastric headache managements, what one of the of headache types mentioned in the books of hokama.

Material and Methods: This study has been conducted as library method.

Findings: Recommended strategies of the Iranian traditional Medicine and the scientific evidences of Conventional medicine in the field of headache management were collected and topics were classified in the six necessary principles (setteye zarurieh) are described and presented.

Conclusion: Some of the Gastric corporate headache measures, in Iranian Traditional medicine approved by conventional medicine practice. Iranian Traditional medicine has valuable doctrines and strategies for healthy lifestyle and nutrition, in the case of all diseases, especially gastric corporate headache. Use of these measures can be useful in preventing, treating or reducing the number of headache attacks, reducing the duration of headaches, reducing the severity of headaches, and improving the quality of life of patients with headache and paying attention to these strategies will reduce direct and indirect costs of primary headaches.


Please cite this article as: Soltanpour Gharibdousti M, Afshin-Majd S, Davati A, Emaratkar E. Gastric Corporal Headache Measures in Iranian Traditional Medicine and Investigating Related Evidences in Conventional Medicine. Med Hist J 2018; 10(35): 49-68.


Headache; Stomach; Gastric Corporate Headache; Setteye Zarurieh; Iranian Traditional Medicine

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