A Survey and Prioritizing of Medicinal Herbs Effective on Memory Improvement in Iranian Traditional Medicine

Reza Mirheidary, Seyed Saeid Esmaeili Saber, Mohammad Reza Shaeiri, Mohammad Gholami Fesharaki



Background and Aim: In recent years, the use of medicinal herbs for memory improvement and the treatment of Alzheimer's disease has been the subject of many medical researches. The aim of this research is study and prioritizing of medicinal herbs enhances memory in Iranian Traditional medicine.
Materials and Methods: First, 33 medicinal Mofradeh (single drug which can be herbal, animal or mineral) derived from the book Canon of Medicine by keywords which were related to enhancing of memory, mind, senses and understanding, effective on amnesia (Nesyan), beneficial for the brain and memory disorder. Then 12 Mofradeh that were herbal and specific for memory improvement more than others were selected from 33 drugs and was searched their impact on memory in books Makhzan al-advieh, al-Havi fi-Alteb, al-Shamel fi-alsenaat altebbiah, Tohfeh-Almomenin, al-Abnieh aan Haghayegh al-advieh. Al-Moetamed fi-al-advieh. Each of Mofradat, obtained special score based on descriptions in books and were prioritized.
Findings: 12 medicinal herbs memory enhancer are respectively: 1- Boswellia sp; 2- Anacardium occidentale; 3- Cyperus rotundus, Zingiber officinalis, Aquilaria malaccensis; 4- Terminalia chebula; 5- Piper elongatum, Phylanthus embolica, Acorus calamus,Brassica nigra; 6- Aloe sp., Rosa damascena oil.
Conclusion: Numerous studies have shown beneficial effects of plants on learning and memory improvement. It seems the survey of effectiveness of medicinal herbs enhancing memory that mentioned specially herbs with more score need to clinical research in healthy people and patients with memory disorder and it helps memory enhancing in healthy people and treatment of patients effectively, if approved.


Please cite this article as: Mirheidary R, Esmaeili Saber SS, Shaeiri MR, Gholami Fesharaki M. A Survey and Prioritizing of Medicinal Herbs Effective on Memory Improvement in Iranian Traditional Medicine. Med Hist J 2018; 10(35): 7-19.

Please cite this article as: Mirheidary R, Esmaeili Saber SS, Shaeiri MR, Gholami Fesharaki M. A Survey and Prioritizing of Medicinal Herbs Effective on Memory Improvement in Iranian Traditional Medicine. Med Hist J 2018; 10(35): 7-19.


Memory; Medicinal Herbs; Iranian Traditional Medicine; Mofradeh; Alzheimer's Disease

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