Performance Analysis Review of the Organizations Responsible for Healthcare in Fars Province during the Pahlavi I period (1925-1941)

Mahdi Khodami, Morteza Nouraei, Asghar Forughi Abari



Background and Aim: This study reviewed the performance of organizations responsible for public healthcare in Fars Province during the Pahlavi I period. According to the law, Sehieh (health service) and Baladieh (municipality) were the two organizations responsible for public healthcare. To ensure public health, cooperation between them was essential. The two organizations gradually developed their evolutionary process in Fars. Naturally, they have had a lot of problems.

Materials and Methods: In this article, Based on the documentation and archival sources reviewed their performances. Many of the findings from this study are based on first-order documents and findings. Sehieh, as the main organization responsible for healthcare, is the primary focus of this study. Baldieh and Sahiyah were later renamed to the municipality (shahrdary) and health care (behdari). Health centers and municipalities functioned similarly in some cases. Any conflict in responsibilities of the two entities could substantially undermine the public health in the society. In this article, the relationships between these two local organizations and the consequences of their actions on the health of the people have been given special attention.

Ethical Considerations: Integrity and trustworthiness were observed in analyzing and Reporting and publishing the results.

Findings: This research shows: 1- The spread of diseases and their mortality rate decreased; 2- Complete success in eradication and control of contagious diseases was not achieved due to lack of financial sources; 3- Most areas in Fars did not benefit from the developments, and their healthcare conditions did not improve significantly. However, the achievements achieved in the Fars health area have also been considered by researchers in this paper.

Conclusion: During the course of Pahlavi I period, there has been a lot of changes in the administrative structure of Local Health Centers and municipalities, which has led to improvements in the community's health space. Despite the improvement in health conditions, the health of Fars in the first Pahlavi era did not radically change.


Please cite this article as: Khodami M, Nouraei M, Forughi Abari A. Performance Analysis Review of the Organizations Responsible for Healthcare in Fars Province during the Pahlavi I period (1925-1941). Med Hist J 2018; 9(33): 19-31.


Sehieh; Behdari; Medical; Fars; Pahlavi I Period

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