A Review of Teb e Ourangshahi in Manuscript, a Medical Work of the Subcontinent

Seyed Amir Jahadi



Background and Aim: Traditional medicine has been based on valuable old medical works such as Kitab al-Hawi, The Canon of Medicine, Zakhireye Khwarazmshahi, and some such works. The present article aims to examine one of the subcontinent medical books called "Teb e Ourangshahi" written by Darwish Mohammad Hakimi Amn Abadi which has not been emendated yet and its manuscripts are still an unknown.

Materials and Methods: The study was conducted through a documentary method. First, a comprehensive list of Teb e Ourangshahi manuscripts was extracted, and then its manuscript kept in Library and Document Center of Iran Parliament was reviewed in terms of philology and descriptive bibliography by means of content analysis method.

Findings: Teb e Ourangshahi is classified among the unknown traditional medicine works, which was written in India. This work has not been introduced and emendated yet. Two manuscripts of the book are available in Library and Document of Iran Parliament and some manuscripts are also existing in other Iranian and world libraries. Teb e Ourangshahi’s author, i.e. Darwish Mohammad Hakimi Amn Abadi was a competent Iranian physician who emigrated to India and dedicated his work to Aurangzeb. This book has reviewed the fundamentals of old medicine and treatments in seven chapters and more than three hundred sections.

Conclusion: Teb e Ourangshahi is regarded as one of the prominent medical works of India, in terms of statement of Indian sages’ ideas, Indian instructions, pharmaceutical measures, and acology. Furthermore, the author spoke of the medical fundamentals of Iranian and Indian sages in numerous places and while expressing his own views, he discussed cohesively. Lastly, in domain of pharmaceuticals, Amn Abadi’s certain measures to name them distinctively, are of the most important medical features of the work.

Please cite this article as: Jahadi SA. A Review of Teb e Ourangshahi in Manuscript, a Medical Work of the Subcontinent. Med Hist J 2017; 9(32): 45-59.


Medical Texts; Amn Abadi; Teb e Ourangshahi; Manuscript; Traditional Medicine; Iranian Medicine

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