Health development in the late of Ghajar time

Mohsen Ganjbakhsh Zamani



This scrip which is in connection with the previous article of this publication is a short introduction to some efforts made by Iranian to develop and improve public health and also urban sanitation according to historical documents of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

In this part, we presented a limited number of these documents containing instructions about necessity of applying a series of sanitarians efforts in the late Qajar Dynasty which imply the first official and governmental attempts in order for organizing the public health and the urban sanitation in Iran.


Medical History; Historical documents; Darolfonon; Health; Cultural challenges; Qajar Dynasty

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توكلي طرقي، محمد. مجله تجدد روزمره و «آمپول تدین» خانه، ایران نامه» سال بیست و چهارم، ١٣٨٧، ش ۴.

روزنامه وقایع اتفاقیه. (رمضان 1266ق./ جولای ۱۸۵۳م.). ش 4. ص784.

روزنامه تربيت. (ذي‌القعده ۱۳۱۵ / آوريل ۱۸۹۸). ش ۸۳. صص. ۳ـ۴.


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