Anatomy of neurons of Brain in the texts of Old Persian: “Zakhire Kharazmshahi” Esmail Jorjani

Mohammad Ali Mahjal Shoja, R. Shin Tabes, Mohammad Ardalan, Marious Locus, Garabud Aknavian, George A. Salter, Jery W. Oks, Translated by: Elham Akhtari, Hamidreza Hasanlu



Jorjani was an influential Persian physician and anatomist of the 12th century who did most of his writing after his seventh decade of comprehensive textbook of medicine, zakhirey-e khwarazmshahi (The Treasure of the khwarazm Shah) was written in approximately considered to be the oldest medical encyclopedia written in Persian. This was an essential textbook for those studying medicine. We describe the life and times of jorjani and provide a translation and interpretations of his detailed descriptions of the cranial were written almost a millennium ago. Medieval Persian and Muslim scholars have contributed to our current knowledge of the cranial of these descriptions, such as the eloquent ones provided by jorjani, were original and have gone mostly unknown to post-Vesalian ars.


Anatomy; neurons of Brain; Jorjani; Persia (Iran)

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