Ethical considerations in educational research

Leila Afshar, Maryam Hosseini, Mahmoud Abbasi



Background: Research is a step that researcher clear an obscure problem until find a detailed and reasonable answer for it. Research ethics is a branch of professional ethics and it is concerned ethical principles that have guided the research from beginning to end. Since education has the fundamental ethical purpose of improving the lives of individuals, communities and society, ethical considerations must lie at the core of educational research. The aim of this review article is explained ethical considerations in educational research.

Method: This article offers an overview of ethical issues in the field of educational research literature related to ethical considerations in educational research have been published during the period 1999 to 2013 using the keywords ethical considerations, research, educational, moral guide in library and databases such as Eric, Medline and Google Scholar search engines such searches and have been studied.

Conclusions: After examining the ethics of educational research in three dimensions include participant, design, implementation and dissemination of the research results, according to our findings, Professional codes and guidelines and, if necessary circumstances necessary laws and regulations to prevent further possible deviations in the course of study are necessary. Doing research under the supervision of research ethics committees (which were established by the university, institutions, associations related to the field of educational research), Seems to be necessary And educational researchers to be bound by these associations and their codes and instructions. The development of such associations in order to give a boost to the moral status of research is suggested.


Ethical considerations; educational research; ethical guidelines

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