Vol 1, No 1 (2007)

Medical Ethics Journal


Table of Contents


Editorial PDF XML
Mahmoud Abbasi 7-10

Review Article

Bioethics Teaching PDF XML
Alireza Zali 11-26
Oriental Culture and Globalization of Bioethics PDF XML
Hykudai Sacamoto, Translated by: Mahmoud Abbasi 27-44
Evaluation of voluntary passive euthanasia based on Rossian ethics PDF XML
Souroosh Dabbagh 45-62
A Short History of Medical Ethics in Iran Based on Old Medical and Literary Works PDF XML
Mohammad Hossein AziziA 36-80
Ethics Issues About Huntington Disease PDF XML
Abdolhasan Kazemi 81-90
A review on teaching of professional ethics in medical sciences PDF XML
Soodabeh Jolaee 91-110
Medical Ethics in Disasters and Emergencies PDF XML
Abbas Abbaszadeh 177-193