Vol 3, No 9 (2009)

Medical Ethics Journal


Table of Contents

Review Article

Hygiene and medicine in the light of verses from the Holy Quran PDF XML
Zahra karimi Sabzevar 11-46
Personal & Environmental Health in Iranian Islamic culture PDF XML
Hossein Aliyusefi, Mehri Shirani 47-72
The Viewpoint of the Quran and Medicine on Marital Health and Sexual Issues PDF XML
Maid Daneshgar 73-92
An Example of Preventative Medicine in the Teachings of the Quran PDF XML
Zahra Mohtasham Amiri, Abbas Jafari Shakib 93-110
Shafa from the Viewpoint of Quran PDF XML
Mahmoud Gholamreza Mirzai 111-122
The Quran’s Concept of Apparent Cross References in Resurrection PDF XML
Abdolhasan Kazemi, Farzaneh Namadieh 123-132
Scientific Explanation from the Holy Quran of the Prohibition of Sexual Intercourse during Menstruation PDF XML
Naser Mirazi 133-150
The Role of Prayer in Promoting Health: New Scientific Information and Prophetic Manner at a Glance PDF XML
Akram Jahangir, Mojgan Karbakhsh, Somayeh Jafari 151-162
Understanding the Concept (After familiarity with Resurrection) (which is also known as the soul infusion into fetus) and its Medical Relation to the Growth of a Fetus PDF XML
Monireh Jahanian, Mahmud Farhudi 163-169
Nutritious safety from the Viewpoint of Holy Qur’an PDF XML
Ali Razaghi 171-190