The Relationship between the Pharmacist and the Patient from the Point of View of Ethics and Law

Kourosh Delpasand, Saeid Nazari Tavakkoli, Hamid Mohammadi Kojidi



Background and Aim: Awareness of legal and moral obligations when providing pharmaceutical services can improve the quality of treatment and improving the patient's relationship with the pharmacist, increasing the level of cooperation, and reducing the patient's complaint from the pharmacist.

Materials and Methods: Keywords (pharmacist-patient relationship) and (pharmacist-patient relationship history) and (pharmacist's role in health law) in internal and external databases PubMed, Magiran, IranMedex, SID, Direct Science and Scopus, all legal documents and legal texts And the basics of pharmacy ethics were searched in persian and English, between 2000 and 2019.

Findings: A glance at the health service cycle specifies the need for the correct communication between the pharmacist and the patient because the pharmacist is the ultimate provider of health services, and if he does not do the right care, the efforts of other health professionals will be ineffective. In order to define the relationship between the pharmacist and the patient, the history of the field and its formation must begin. Determining the position of the pharmacist in the health system will also greatly help to define this relationship.

Ethical Considerations: Honesty and trust in the selection and reporting of findings and citing texts were observed.

Conclusion: Maintaining Dignity, Patients, Human Rights Medical ethics are parallel dimensions that are in the relationship between pharmacists and patients and, in turn, have a responsibility on the part of the government and health care providers, including medication, to ensure minimum standards in all Provide healthcare facilities, especially pharmacies.


Cite this article as: Delpasand K, Nazari Tavakkoli S, Mohammadi Kojidi H. The Relationship between the Pharmacist and the Patient from the Point of View of Ethics and Law. Med Ethics J 2019; 13(44): e6.


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