Investigating the Effect of Presenting Surgical Information Sheets on Satisfaction and Awareness in Surgical Patients

Mohammad Farough Khosravi, Gisoo Alizadeh, Hassan Almaspour Khaneghah



Background and Aim: It is necessary to obtain informed consent for any medical intervention, providing adequate, correct, appropriate information to the patient. Currently, the process of obtaining informed consent in our country prior to surgical procedures is limited to a single sheet, and this leaflet often does not describe the specific information of each operation. Therefore, the aim of this study was to evaluate the effect of presenting surgical information sheets on the satisfaction and knowledge of surgical patients.

Materials and Methods: This was a before and after semi-experimental study. The population of study was a general hospital affiliated to Tabriz University of Medical Sciences in 2017. The Sampling of this study was census and 60 patients were selected. The data collection tool was a questionnaire completed before and after the intervention. Data were analyzed by using SPSS 18 software and paired t-test.

Findings: The mean score of the patients' knowledge before the intervention was the provision of surgical information sheets 6.283±1.76. After intervention, they were 8.60±2.65 and there was a significant difference between them (p=0.559). The mean score of patients' satisfaction before intervention was 9.76±2.47, which after intervention was 9.87±2.02 and there was no significant difference between them (p=0.001).

Ethical Considerations: Following the explanation of the objectives of the study and the emphasis on confidentiality, the consent of the participants was obtained.

Conclusion: The results of this study has been shown that the presentation of surgical information sheet only increased the awareness of patients but did not have a significant effect on overall satisfaction. Therefore, the best and most effective way to provide information with different interventions should be determined in order to increase their satisfaction along with raising awareness.


Cite this article as: Farough Khosravi M, Alizadeh G, Almaspour Khaneghah H. Investigating the Effect of Presenting Surgical Information Sheets on Satisfaction and Awareness in Surgical Patients. Med Ethics J. 2018; 12(43): e14.


Informed Consent; Satisfaction; Awareness; Surgery

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