Relationship between Spiritual Health and Happiness of Students

Roya Nikjou, Raheleh Mohammadi, Farzaneh Etebari Asl, Shahla Farzipour, Zahra Etebari Asl



Background and Aim: Spiritual health and happiness both are of the most important aspects of the psychology and have a significant role in the development of educational purposes. The objective of this research is examination of relationship between spiritual health and happiness among students of Ardabil Nursing Midwifery Faculty.

Materials and Methods: This descriptive- analytical study was done in 2017 in Ardabil Nursing Midwifery Faculty. The sample size was 90 respondents based on Cochran formula. Data was collected by using Ellison spiritual health and Oxford happiness questionnaires. The results were analyzed by spss18 and descriptive (frequency and percentage) and analytical (person correlation coefficient, independent t- test, ANOVA) statistics methods.

Findings: There was a significant positive relationship between spiritual health of students with their happiness (p≥0.001, r= 0/543).The score men of spiritual health got 64.41±5.90 in students and score men of happiness got 86.98 ±14.22. Also, All dimensions of spiritual health had significant relationship with happiness.

Ethical Considerations: After explanation about the study objectives and ensuring confidentiality of information, the participants' consent was obtained.

Conclusion: With regard to direct relationship between spiritual health and happiness, instructional managers with planning for students' spiritual health, can provide settings to increase students' happiness.


Cite this article as: Nikjou R, Mohammadi R, Etebari Asl F, Farzipour S, Etebari Asl Z. Relationship between Spiritual Health and Happiness of Students. Med Ethics J. 2018; 12(43): e12.


Spiritual Health; Happiness; Students; Nursing and Midwifery Faculty

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