The Relationship between Organizational Health and Professional Ethics of Nurses Working in Educational Hospitals Affiliated to Shahroud University of Medical Sciences in 2017

Zakie Mohammadpoory, Shima Shirozhan, MohammadAli Hosseini, Ali Abbasi, Zahra Abdolreza Gharehbagh



Background and Aim: Nurses' professional competence depends on adherence to professional ethics. Principles and ethical norms also ensure organizational health. This study investigated the relationship between organizational health and professional ethics of nurses working in teaching hospitals affiliated to Shahrud University of Medical Sciences.

Materials and Methods: In this descriptive-analytical study, among the nurses working in educational hospitals in Shahrud who had bachelor's degree and higher with a full-scale sampling, 200 nurses entered the study. Data was collected by using Occupational Work Ethics Inventory (OWEI) and Organizational Health Inventory (OHI) questionnaire whose validity and reliability were confirmed in previous studies. Data was analyzed with SPSS 21 software.

Findings: The Pearson Correlation Coefficient between organizational health and the variables of work ethics (0.664), interest in work (0.562), persistence in work (0.658), human relationships at work (0.611) and participation in Work (0.449) showed a positive and significant relationship at a meaningful level (0.99).

Ethical Considerations: After obtaining written permission from the Ethics Committee in Shahrud University of Medical Sciences, expression of research goals, the emphasis on the confidentiality of information and written consent, questionnaires were submitted to the nurses who were willing to cooperate.

Conclusion: The results showed that there is a positive and significant relationship between nurses' professional ethics and organizational health in hospitals. Increasing employee ethics increases organizational health.


Cite this article as: Mohammadpoory Z, Shirozhan S, Hosseini MA, Abbasi A, Gharehbagh ZA. The Relationship between Organizational Health and Professional Ethics of Nurses Working in Educational Hospitals Affiliated to Shahroud University of Medical Sciences in 2017. Med Ethics J. 2018; 12(43): e11.


Professional Ethics; Organizational Health; Nurse

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