Theosophical Basics of Spiritual Healtsh

Aliasghar Yazdani, Mahmoud Abbasi, Mohamad Nabi Ebrahimi



The relation between the spiritual health and theosophy is an important field about which research is growing in recent years and study in this area seems important more than ever noting the rich heritage of Muslims in this field and helps us in reaching a spiritual and healthy life more than ever. In this research we seek to explain and present the fundamentals of teachings of Islamic theosophy in the area of spiritual health. This study is based on the descriptive-analytical and comparative method and has collected data by the library method. The findings show that by providing this fundamentals along with new debates on the spiritual health together with the mental training of man assisted by religions, the restructure of the theosophical fundamentals of the spiritual health may be supported greatly noting that the issue of complete man is the main topic in debates of Islamic theosophy and theosophists seek to attain the position of complete man by mental and physical training.


Religious and theosophical teachings; complete man; spiritual health; Islamic theosophy

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