Spiritual Health and Attitudes

Seyed Mehdi Esfahani



This matter that what is meant by the spiritual aspect of the health and what does spiritual health mean is a subject that should be discussed seriously and perhaps reaching a joint and generally accepted definition is an inaccessible or unlikely and difficult matter. The spirituality may be illustrated from to perspectives, one, the general view that is inclined toward laicite and the other view held by the theological schools. When the spirit or its Quranic interpretation is noticed, a deep gap between the laicite view on the concept of spirituality and the theological-Islamic view may be observed. According to widespread performed studies, now is the period of compromise and interaction between two fields of religion and spirituality on one hand and between the humanities and health on the other hand. In our opinion, the followers of all divine religions may despite many distortions generally approach an almost uniform definition of health, spiritual aspects of health and the spiritual health within a frame presented in this paper, a definition that laics may also face it, at least as a discussable theory by avoiding the mentality of denial and prejudice.


religion; health; spiritual health; spirituality; institutionalization

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اصفهانی، محمدمهدی. (1386). مجموعه درسی تدابیر حفظ الصحه، دانشگاه علوم پزشکی تهران، دانشکده طب سنتی.

اصفهانی، محمدمهدی. (1389). مجموعه درسی تغذیه اختصاصی و غذاهای رژیمی، جلد 1، دانشگاه علوم پزشکی تهران، دانشکده طب سنتی.

اصفهانی، محمدمهدی؛ جعفر اسماعیلی، مسعود؛ شکرالهی، ملک آفاق؛ رفیعی فر، شهرام؛ خسروبیگی، محمدرضا؛ هدایی، محمدمهدی. ( 1388). آئین تندرستی، تهران، تندیس، چاپ نهم.


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